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Allyson Case

Chicago Real Estate Expert

Mobile - 312.213.6321

About Allyson

Allyson represents a decade of real estate experience, beginning as a real estate appraiser focused on single-family homes, luxury condominiums, and 1–4 unit multi-family rentals. Never one to settle, Allyson then moved into the corporate environment, negotiating contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars in construction budgets. Currently living near The University of Chicago, Allyson is an avid investor – involved in residential rehabs and multi-family rental buildings.

As an appraiser, Allyson knows value. As an investor, Allyson knows negotiation. As your broker, Allyson knows a good deal. Allyson loves working at Dream Town Realty where she has access to proprietary off-market listings that give clients a significant edge in such a competitive market.

Her comprehensive background brings a unique perspective to the real estate process. Having sat at each side of the table for any given real estate transaction, she understands the nuances of each negotiation. Real estate is an important and personal process. Chicago is a world-class city and Allyson holds herself personally responsible for making the real estate market manageable for you.

Allyson has a proven track record of showing value, providing custom solutions, being honest, and advocating her clients' best interests. She is never one to back away from going above and beyond for a client. At her most recent rehab, the family had owned the property since it was built back in 1890. Needless to say, it was an emotional sale for the family. The homeowner's father had planted Irises in the backyard that were over a century old. Wanting to help out but knowing her home was where plants come to die, Allyson arranged for the neighbors to help dig up the Irises and plant them in their backyard to ensure they, and the father's legacy, live on for another 100 years.

Allyson focuses on her home neighborhood of Hyde Park where she invests in rehabs and income property. Outside of Hyde Park, Allyson focus on luxury condominiums and single-family homes close to Lake Michigan as this is where the majority of her appraisal background resides. 

Allyson has a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Business Management. She is a Council Member for the Urban Land Institute, a Member of the Small Business Advocacy Council. A competitive sailor, Allyson is a Member of U.S. Sailing. She currently volunteers for the Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Program, the Ray Graham Association (National Association for Riders with Handicapped Assistance), and Rebuilding Together.

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