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  • Nora B.
    Liz is the best! If it wasn't for her connections, we would not have found our house. Not only that, her robust experience and expertise, we would not have had a chance at buying the house. She changed our life and I would (and already have) recommend her to anyone!
  • Kathryn S.
    We purchased our first home with Liz in summer 2018 and we couldnâ??t imagine going through the process with anyone else. Liz was highly recommended to us by several friends and family members who used Liz during their home buying process. Liz took the time to get to know us and find out what was important to us in our home search. She was extremely patient with us and was always available to answer our questions throughout the process. She was extremely knowledgeable, and it gave us confidence as first-time homebuyers that we wouldnâ??t have had without her. Liz helped find us a perfect home where weâ??re extremely happy, and she helped us close the deal. When we wanted to look at and make an offer on our future home, Liz moved quickly to make it happen. Weâ??ll never forget visiting a place with Liz, where immediately upon walking in she said, â??Thereâ??s something off here and this is not for you guys. Does it have an odor? It smells like waterâ??. As she was searching the place for signs of water damage, another agent walked in with her clients. The other agentâ??s first comment was about how the unit had great natural light, and she proceeded to talk about how great the unit was, trying to sell it to her clients. We knew Liz wasnâ??t just working with us to make a sale, her goal was to help us find our dream home.
  • Leslie M.
    Liz is incredibly knowledgeable about everything home related, not just the market. It was so helpful to be able to talk to her about furniture, renos, the ins and outs of the neighborhoods etc. She really listens to you and figures out what you want and what you are comfortable with.
Work with Liz Call me: 773.430.0008

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