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Why Sell with Dream Town

Selling a home takes strategy, creativity and local market knowledge. Luckily, we’re experts at all three. Your Dream Town broker will craft a detailed plan to make your home stand out from the competition to get more potential buyers and better offers.

Get Your Home On The Market

Get Ready

Get Ready

Find your price

Your broker will provide a competitive market analysis to show pricing and specifications on similar homes in your area. Based on those results and current marketing trends, you and your broker can determine the optimal asking price for your home.

Prepare your property

Designed to help you sell your home quicker and with fewer hassles, Dream Town’s exclusive Premium Listing package includes everything you’ll need to prepare your home for a successful sale. You’ll gain a competitive edge on the market with this comprehensive suite of services. The suite includes:

  • A home evaluation to identify any potential issues
  • Service partners to help repair or update your home
  • Cleaning services to refresh your home
  • Staging services to help showcase your space
  • A home warranty to cover your appliances during and after the sale
  • Moving services to give you VIP treatment
Show Off Your Home

Show Off Your Home

Professional Photo & Video

We hold a professional photo shoot to generate a library of high-quality interior and exterior pictures of your home for your online presence and brochures. We also offer unique property videos as well as drone footage to give buyers a bird’s eye perspective of your home and neighborhood.

3D Home Tours

Dream Town enhances the majority of our property listings with Matterport®. Built from high-definition 360-degree footage, this tour offers several angles including first-person, birds-eye, and dollhouse views of your home. The tour is always available from your online listing, meaning potential buyers gain the ability to explore your home at any time of day, from anywhere in the world.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Pre-market exposure

Start reaching buyers before your home even hits the market—our Coming Soon program gives our site users an early opportunity to discover your listing and get buyers to your door faster.

Robust database marketing capabilities

Our website captures specific and relevant data from our audience of over a million registered users, allowing us to execute accurate and successful matches between buyers and sellers.

Strong social audience and engagement

With over 85,000 followers on social media, Dream Town is able to share open houses and listings with a wide Chicagoland audience.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Print Marketing

While our marketing process is and always will be web-focused, Dream Town is adept at employing traditional marketing tools to supplement our online strategy. Using color brochures, yard and fence signage, open house notices and targeted mailers—we're staffed to produce and use all of them as needed to sell your home as quickly and lucratively as possible.

Events & Networking

We tap into our Dream Town network of brokers to match your home with potential buyers, holding broker-exclusive events to give your property more exposure to real estate professionals and increase visibility to their clients. We also make the home accessible to the public through weekend open houses.

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