At Dream Town we unequivocally stand with ALL our brokers, staff, and community members in the fight against systemic racism. As a company, we pride ourselves on a culture of equality, authenticity, and support. As real estate brokers, we must acknowledge the historical role that our industry has played in segregation. It is our responsibility and duty to lead by example and promote equal access to housing, and to call upon cooperating brokers and partners to do the same. The purpose of the 1968 Fair Housing Act was to eliminate discrimination in our process. Dream Town believes that is not enough. We must go beyond systems and processes. We must do more than what is minimally required and educate ourselves on unconscious racial biases. We are to be measured not only by our intentions and statements, but by our actions to create real change.

Intersectional Diversity Council

Dream Town’s Diversity Council seeks to better meet the needs of all of our brokers and staff. This self-directed council advises Dream Town leadership about opportunities for improved communication, training, and community involvement regarding our brokerage’s role in the fight against systemic racism and provides us with feedback on how we are doing internally with our brokers and employees. Recent initiatives of the Diversity Council have included sponsorship of the Race Against Hate in Evanston, and fundraisers for The Boulevard and the Center on Halsted.