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  • Eugene S.West Ridge
    I have been working with Mark for 12 years and have bought and sold multiple properties with him. He is an absolutely fantastic real estate agent to work with, 100% recommended. What impresses me most about Mark is that he puts his client's interest above his own. As a buyer, he helps you negotiate the price down even though that's less money in his pocket. As a seller he helps you walk away from deals that are not in your best interest, even though it means a lot more work for him. In my most recent sale with Mark, I lived 6 hours away so it was difficult for me to do everything that needed to be done with the property to be ready. Mark was instrumental in working with contractors, working with tenants, showing the building, communicating with me, and generally working his butt off to get the deal done. Amazing. And if that's not enough, Mark has a tremendous team behind him. He has great people that he works with like contractors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and property inspectors, that are instrumental to the process. If you choose to work with Mark, I'm confident that you'll be happy that you did.
  • Chris F.Ukrainian Village
    My wife and I worked with Mark both in looking for a new house, and for the sale of it two years later. The decision to go with Mark twice for both our real estate transactions was an easy one. He has an intimate knowledge of the Chicago housing market, its diverse neighborhoods, and their codes/laws. During the entire process, Mark was candid and forthright, paying close attention to the details of our home purchase and sale. Due to the unique situation in our home and finances, there were a lot of hiccups in the process. Not a problem for Mark. He was available via phone, text, or e-mail to help solve a problem or answer a question at virtually any time. He was always very friendly but professional and gave us sound advice. If he didn't know the answer to a question, no matter how obscure or difficult, he made sure to find it from a professional who did. I think we had the best of both worlds in our transactions; a big name and reputation like Dreamtown and the personal attention and detail we got from Mark. We hold him in the highest esteem and would look to him for any future real estate transactions or questions in future. Chris Fisher, Ukrainian Village
  • C.P.Bucktown
    I worked with Mark Winkelman for a little over a year to find the perfect house. I fell in love and out of love with many houses throughout the course of our home search, and explaining to Mark why all of a sudden the house was worth 50,000 less than it was 2 days ago to me was always fun. I seriously thought every time I emailed him, he was going to break up with me. I ran him through the ringer so hard, I don't know how he continued to work with me. He has more patience than anyone I have ever met and truly cares about finding the right house or property. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to even the pickiest buyers/sellers I know. CP, Bucktown
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