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  • Laura D.
    Jen was amazing! She did an amazing helping us to find a new home. She was tenacious in getting us into viewings. While we were there she helped us to imagine what living in the space would really be like. She also ensured that my spouse and I agreed on what was important to us as a family. When it came time to bid, she helped us to put together a competitive offer. When it came time to sell, she made sure that we had plenty of traffic and really helped us to evaluate all of the offers. She really helped to make this challenging experience rewarding.
  • Jeffrey L.
    I had a great experience and great outcome working with Jennifer. She takes her work personally. She takes pride in your work. She pays attention to the details. In all business but especially a real estate transaction, the details matter. She communicates frequently and in the right level of detail. When things were not clear to her, she asked questions to gain clarity and avoid confusion down the road. She was tough when that was required. While advocating for me, she was fair and reasonable. She found the right way to challenge me and the buyers. She appears to enjoy her work â?? the inconveniences to her (and there were many) did not become inconveniences to me. Perhaps the best compliment is that I would not hesitate to refer Jennifer to friends and family.
  • Brian P.
    Jennifer was a dream come true. She took the time to really listen and understand our needs and wants, and helped us sort through all of the possible solutions. Her warmth and tact helped us through a number of set backs and challenges in this very tough market. Her passion and vision for what homes could be is only matched by her practical wisdom and understanding of how the housing market and negotiation process works. Jennifer's friendly manner and cool under pressure attitude make her an ideal partner in the home buying process.
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