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  • Dimitri M.
    We had the pleasure of working with Brendan in the sale of our 2-flat in Lincoln Square. Not only was he born and raised on Lincoln Square, he also owns several 2-flats. With this background he not only sold our 2-flat, he sold the neighborhood and was able to add a personal touch that I don't think you'd find with anyone else. In fact, when we first approached Brendan, we had a specific asking price in mind. He responded by providing us the market data that supported a higher listing price which we accepted. The end result was that Brendan sold our 2-flat for 5% more than what it was listed for and he had it under contract within 5 days !! In working with him, I now understand why he is THE Go-To broker in Lincoln Square and frankly, the city.
  • Jim F.
    We really enjoyed working with Brendan and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell. At the outset, he clearly explained what to expect throughout the sale process and followed through on everything he represented. He was very helpful in dealing with some complicated situations that came up and was readily available even after the sale of our unit. His years of experience in real estate and specific expertise in condos served us very well. The fact that he also happens to be a real estate lawyer was an added bonus !
  • Kevin R.
    I'm thinking it's rare that you run into someone who is not only a broker but also a real estate attorney and someone who owns buildings. Brendan is all of that in one and used each of those skills to get my deal done in buying a 2-flat. Talk about added value!!! Brendan was reachable at all hours of the day, 7 days a week and continued to be available for any questions or needs I had well past the closing date. I could not recommend him highly enough!!
Work with Brendan Call me: 773.965.5470

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