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Rosemoor Overview

Rosemoor is a part of Roseland.

Rosemoor residents take pride in their local businesses, schools and churches. In fact, some Rosemoor families have been members of the community for generations. This diverse, yet tight-knit south side neighborhood is always welcoming of new neighbors and people of all walks of life. Mom-and-pop establishments and traditional Chicago homes are the stability and strength of Rosemoor. Nothing too fancy or luxurious, just a neighborhood of sensible houses with sturdy foundations and comfortable living spaces. When it is time to eat, Rosemoor restaurants are on hand, presenting a choice of quick bites, fast family meals or pleasant places to dine out.  

Rosemoor History

Back in the 1800s, the area where Rosemoor neighborhood now stands was all farmland. Known then as the High Prairie (because of its location to the north of Lake Calumet), Pullman Railroad workers began to take up residence in this region as railroad industry grew, resulting in the emergence of a small settlement just south of the big city.

The community of Rosemoor was officially established in 1930, but the first major development boom didn’t occur until 1937 when new homes were built in the neighborhood for the first time since the Depression. Over the course of the 20th century, the area continued to grow as Polish, Irish, Italian, Dutch and Greek families all planted roots in Rosemoor for periods of time, establishing the community’s place as a bona fide Chicago neighborhood, before taking part in the suburban sprawl movement and leaving the area.

In the late 1960s, African American and Hispanic families began to move into the beautiful old homes that had been vacated by the Eastern European residents that had first settled the area. Today, the Rosemoor neighborhood is a tight-knit, diverse community made up of several different ethnic backgrounds that attracts people from around the Midwest and the world.

The Sights of Rosemoor

Rosemoor Neighborhood Photo
Rosemoor Neighborhood Photo
Rosemoor Neighborhood Photo

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