An iconic neighborhood with a significant past, Bronzeville’s 20th century resurgence is responsible for notable social and cultural advances, including civil rights, jazz, blues, and gospel music. Once home to many of the country’s historic figures—from Pulitzer Prize recipient Gwendolyn Brooks, and civil rights activist Ida B. Wells—Bronzeville is a vibrant neighborhood dedicated to the revitalizing and support of community initiatives. Situated among trendy coffee shops and fine dining, one can find spectacular displays of architecture dating back to the Victorian era. Primarily built in the late 19th century, these mansions represent an extraordinary display of Gothic, Romanesque, and Queen Ann styles. Open spaces, architectural renovation, and an array of historical landmarks have added to the neighborhood’s allure, drawing a wide variety of organizations and businesses to Bronzeville.

Bronzeville consists of: Grand Boulevard, Douglas and The Gap.

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