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West Humboldt Park
Real Estate and Neighborhood Information

West Humboldt Park Overview

West Humboldt Park is a part of Humboldt Park.

A small up-and-coming, family-oriented area just west of spacious Humboldt Park, this primarily residential neighborhood mixes greenery and old homes with a splash of small businesses. As in many areas of Chicago, West Humboldt Park is a conventional development of detached, brick houses set off from the street by green grass lawns and long stretches of concrete sidewalks. Out on the major avenues, West Humboldt Parkers partake in delicious local menus at the dozen or so taquerias, pizza joints and sandwich shops in the vicinity. The retail stores in West Humboldt Park are good for quick errands and essential items. Mom-and-pop places reign supreme in this west side Chicago neighborhood, although a couple national establishments have made an appearance in recent years.

West Humboldt Park History

The West Humboldt Park area shares a similar history to that of its larger neighbor, Humboldt Park. Initially settled by Eastern Europeans after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the area has experienced an ebb and flow of different ethnic groups, but as of late the neighborhood is home to primarily Latino and African-American families.

Though the neighborhood has seen some grim years, the arrival of families has turned it into a more reserved and pleasantly congenial place to settle down and raise the kids. And while the emergence of new residents on the scene and continual changes along the neighborhood blocks has brought a focus to West Humboldt Park’s present and future, the area is full of memories and hints of its past.

Once a booming industrial district, remnants of that era can still be found along the streets hugging vacant lots, serving as reminders of the neighborhood’s tougher times. Thankfully, smaller mom-and-pop shops have taken over, and the main thoroughfares in West Humboldt Park bustle with businesses ranging from restaurants to clothing stores to tire shops to banks. Larger chains are beginning to settle in the area, as well, and we expect a Starbucks will likely pop up in a few years.

The Sights of West Humboldt Park

West Humboldt Park Neighborhood Photo
West Humboldt Park Neighborhood Photo
West Humboldt Park Neighborhood Photo
West Humboldt Park Neighborhood Photo
West Humboldt Park Neighborhood Photo
West Humboldt Park Neighborhood Photo

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