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Schorsch Forest View
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Schorsch Forest View Overview

Schorsch Forest View is an unusual Chicago neighborhood, solely for the fact that it is detached from the rest of the city by acres of wood preserves and suburbs. Situated on the far northwest side of Chicago, this community is known for its gently winding avenues, spacious lots, mature trees and landscaped yards that abut miles of untouched wilderness. A sprinkling of neighborhood bagel shops, coffee houses and pizzerias are also on hand – to build up energy for those long walks in the woods.

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Schorsch Forest View is a gorgeous dose of suburbia within the Chicago city limits. Spacious lots, towering trees, private yards and winding lanes are featured in this unconventional big city neighborhood.

City planners abandoned the idea of expanding Chicago’s trademark grid pattern to the streets of this neighborhood, instead opting for gently winding avenues edged with tall trees. Mostly 1950s split-levels, ranches and one-story homes, the houses here are cookie-cutter sweet, boasting attached garages, similar floor plans, and comparable exterior architectural characteristics. Quiet sidewalk-lined streets house raised ranches with modest front yards, and the well-manicured lawns and neatly trimmed hedges further beautify the area. Residential real estate prices in Schorsch Forest View start in the low to mid $300,000s. Some homes with four bedrooms and three baths can cost as much as $600,000, although if you shop around you’ll find plenty of good-sized properties for between $300,000 and $500,000.

Schorsch Forest View History

The northwest Chicago neighborhood of Schorsch Forest View is something of an island. Detached from the rest of the city by the suburb of Harwood Heights, this tiny community has become an ideal place for folks who want to raise their families within the city limits but prefer to be slightly removed from the concrete jungle of downtown living. Most of the community’s present-day homes were built during a housing boom in the 1950s. Since that time, Schorsch Forest View has retained its suburban charm and continues to attract new homeowners from around Chicago who are looking to leave the cramped spaces and congestion of the city center.

The Sights of Schorsch Forest View

Schorsch Forest View Neighborhood Photo
Schorsch Forest View Neighborhood Photo

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