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Big Oaks
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Big Oaks Overview

Big Oaks is a part of Norwood Park.

A prim grid of tree-lined streets provides good shade for an afternoon stroll through this quiet, residential north side Chicago neighborhood. And, quite contradictory to the size of its namesake trees, the actual land area of Big Oaks is rather small. Still there's room for a few local restaurants that provide all the favorites from pizza to pierogies. Other businesses are found along Big Oaks' major border roads, but the bulk of the community is simply rows of private homes and manicured yards that offer a nice place for families to settle down.

Big Oaks History

Imagine long open stretches of fresh-cut grass, a pole with a flag in the distance flicks in the wind. From somewhere behind you hear the urgent cry 'Fore!' Immediately you search the sky for the incoming object, which lands inches from your plaid-pants clad foursome, only mildly disrupting the tranquil disposition of the scene but severely upsetting your drive which flanked to the edge of the fairway.

Walking about the straight avenues and rows of houses in the purely residential Chicago neighborhood of Big Oaks, you won’t have to worry about getting beaned with a small, white dimpled ball, but you might be surprised by what once existed where your feet now tread.

What is now blocks of housing was once the expansive, well-tended greens of Big Oaks Golf Course. Named after the area’s numerous oak trees, Big Oaks Golf Course was constructed as a public counterpart to nearby members-only Ridgemoor Country Club. In 1955, Big Oaks Golf Course sold its land to the city, which demolished the course, replacing it with hundreds of homes.

These days Big Oaks (the neighborhood took its name from the golf course it supplanted) is a pleasantly residential area, home to a number of Chicago’s police officers and cozy single-family dwellings.

The Sights of Big Oaks

Big Oaks Neighborhood Photo
Big Oaks Neighborhood Photo
Big Oaks Neighborhood Photo
Big Oaks Neighborhood Photo
Big Oaks Neighborhood Photo
Big Oaks Neighborhood Photo

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