A suburban feel in an urban surrounding, Beverly has long been known as one of Chicago's safest and most stable middle class neighborhoods, proud of its quiet tree-lined streets and cultural diversity. Residences in Beverly are prized for their wide open lots and large countryside-style homes (the kind you're likely to see a tire swing hanging from the backyard tree). While portions of Beverly are characterized by stately manors with circular front drives, the majority of the neighborhood offers attractive two-story redbrick houses, raised 1940s ranches, and cottage-like split-levels with side drives and good-sized lawns. The bulk of Beverly's businesses are found on Western Avenue, where most of Beverly's residents go to grab a bite and hang out with friends. A legion of restaurants, pizzerias, takeout places, and cafés edge the street, a few with a noticeable Irish tinge that pays tribute the area's ancestry.

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