Living a Happy, Healthy Life in Your Home

It’s important to have a home where you feel safe and protected. But sometimes a true sense of security goes past bolted gates and locked windows. Many homeowners are concerned about the interior environment of their house or condo and how it affects the welfare of their family. Things like air quality and water conditions in a home impact the inhabitants –  health and today’s home buyers are becoming more and more aware of this when searching for their next property.

With so much focus on “green building” and environmentally-friendly materials, etc., it is hard not to pick up on the fact that changes and improvements to housing construction are being made for a reason. In the midst of trying to protect our planet, we realize the same efforts work to protect ourselves. So what can we do inside the home to help create a healthy and happy environment for our families and guests? Here are a few quick suggestions:

  1. Use natural or low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint and sealants (on outdoor decks or staircases)
  2. Get some houseplants to produce oxygen and remove harmful pollutants from the air
  3. Use chemical-free household cleaners
  4. Replace regular products (such as dish detergent, hand soap and shampoo) with all-natural or non-chemical alternatives
  5. Maintain air filters in your heating or AC unit with regular cleanings and replacements
  6. Get an air purifier – a stand alone device that takes contaminants out of interior air
  7. Steer clear of carpets because they hold mildew and dust, which lower air quality, and avoid synthetic carpets that cannot be recycled
  8. Check the outdoor air quality in your city. If it is in good condition, open your windows because oftentimes air pollution in your house is worse than outside and the fresh air will benefit you.

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