Level Up With These Easy Home DIY Projects

These easy DIY projects will help you spruce up your space, add some flair, and even get your home ready for making a move. Just because you may not be able to start a full remodel or splurge on big ticket items doesn’t mean you can’t refresh your surroundings.  


A new furniture layout is a quick and easy to get you out of a style rut. Switch up your couch placement, or swap rugs and lamps between rooms for an easy update to any home.  

Restyling your bookshelves will help you clear up space and improve aesthetics if that’s your aim. Arrange books by theme or in alphabetical order, or take a page from designer Emily Henderson: declutter, focus on a few standout pieces, and color-coordinate.  


Tackle the tasks you’ve been avoiding, like decluttering drawers, storage spaces, and under your bed. Clearing out these catchall spaces will give you the opportunity to deep clean, and organize them to make them efficient storage areas. You may even find items you thought were long lost!  

While you’re at it, focus on cleaning areas that are often overlooked. Baseboards and vents collect dust over time, and giving these spots a quick dust will help reduce allergens and increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling over time. Vacuum vents with a dusting brush attachment, or wipe down with a dry microfiber cloth. You can also unscrew vent covers and place them in a sink filled with hot, soapy water—but don’t rub them too hard, or paint may come off! If you haven’t replaced your air filter recently, add that to your to do list.  


Most people have paint around the home from previous projects, and touching up high-use areas, like doors, door frames, and baseboards offers an easy way to update a home. If you’re ready to completely redo a room, a fresh coat of paint is the way to go. Don’t discount the power of a neutral hue like gray or beige—with a variety of cool and warm options in either color family, you’ll be able to find the perfect tone to create a more modern vibe.  

Take the updates outdoors! Get rid of clutter and debris, clean the deck or the yard, and prep your planters or garden for new blooms. If you have wood or wicker patio furniture, a mild oil-based soap like Murphy Oil mixed with warm water will breathe new life into these pieces. Other types of furniture do well with dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water, and many patio cushions can be wiped down.  

Get your to do list ready and start ticking away at tasks for your home transformation! 

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