Home Sellers Tips: The Final Frontier

So, we’ve already covered how to prepare your home for sale on the inside, now it’s time to tackle the issues on the outside.

You’ve most likely heard the term curb appeal before. It’s nothing new, but how your house appears from the exterior continues to be one of the most, if not the most important elements for a house on the market. It is all about that first impression folks. The first thing anyone sees when visiting a property is the front yard and façade… so make sure they are in mint condition!

The no-brainer is keeping the lawn mowed and free of leaves, debris, and yard tools. If it is wintertime, keep the walk shoveled and salted. Rent a power washer to spray down the exterior of your house. The high-pressure water wash does wonders for grimy outdoor surfaces and walls. Use it on the house, the deck, the driveway to remove dirt, dust, mold and peeling paint. And, if it turns out you do need to repaint the house before putting it up for sale, the power washer will clean and prepare the sides for a fresh, new coat.

A little sod goes a long way. If your landscaping is lacking the fundamentals, as in green grass, purchase enough sod to fill in the gaps or cover the entire property if you have to. Remember, the front of your house is the first thing buyers are going to see and if the vegetation is all brown and dead, they won’t likely forget. Plant flowers to give some color and bushes to give the yard depth. Don’t spend too much money, but do keep in mind the first impression is the most important!

Now you’re on your way to getting that home ready for showings. Contact a Realtor to assist you with the open houses and to negotiate the best price for your property. Take this long holiday weekend to really go to town on your home, but save the kitchen cleaning until after Thanksgiving Dinner, to save yourself double duty.

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