Breathe New Life Into Your Home this Spring

The Power of Plants

Whether you’re spring cleaning to open up your space or preparing to sell your home, adding plants to your home is a sure way to elevate your environment, and breathe new life into your home this spring.

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Hidden Meaning

Studies show that the color green fosters growth, harmony, and freshness. Green is a healing color, soothing for both a home’s inhabitants and for potential buyers on a home tour. Green creates a sense of security. It can also give a feeling of wealth, as green is the color of money.

Plants you Won’t Kill

These plants only need watering about once a week, and are tough enough to grow in many conditions, even low light.

Chinese Evergreen



Chinese Evergreen: Best for low-light and removing toxins.


Peace Lilly



Peace Lilly: Top of NASA’s clean air plants list as it cleans formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the air.


Cactus Plant



Cactus Plant: Best for absorbing old energy and recycling new, clean energy into the air.




Bamboo Plant: Creates energy and may even bring luck.


As for that curb appeal, it’s just as simple to add a few plants and flowers in your yard to that extra welcoming look to your home this spring. Plants like the Butterfly Bush, which adds a lovely purple to your yard, resilient hastas, and vibrant peonies will elevate your home as one that enjoys a fruitful, vibrant life.

Repot Like a Pro

With springtime being the best time to repot your plants too, follow these easy steps to ensure that your plants have a long, healthy life ahead of them.

How to repot your plants

Plants can quickly transform your home from just another house, to a place that people will love to call home. And if you’re thinking of making a move to a new home, be sure to check out steps to selling!


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