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the dream town selling process

8 steps to a faster, more profitable sale

A new age in real estate demands a new approach to the selling process – and so it is with the Dream Town® process. Not in the sense that we threw everything out and started over from scratch – in fact, we didn’t – but in that we took a hard look at what worked, what didn’t, and what we could add and subtract to make it all work better. With that in mind, here are the steps we’re ready to take to sell your home:

competitive market analysis

Your consultant provides a comprehensive study of pricing and specifications on similar homes in your area. Based on those results and current marketing trends, you and your consultant can determine the optimal asking price for your home.

internal marketing meeting

Our in-house sales and marketing staff meet with your consultant to review your property and identify the home's key promotional highlights and selling strengths. All Dream Town real estate agents are alerted to the new property listing, creating awareness among our buyers' representatives.

professional photo shoot

The days of the old front-of-the-house snapshot are long gone. We hold a professional photo shoot to generate a library of high-quality interior and exterior pictures of your home, which are then used to create a virtual home tour, 360° street view, printable brochure and much more.

listing on the MLS

Like all real estate companies, Dream Town submits an organized property listing to the MLS database of Northern Illinois that reaches all Chicago area Realtors*. But it's how your listing reaches prospective buyers that separates Dream Town from any other company in the field.

online marketing

With Dream Town, the power and reach of your online presence are totally unmatched. It begins with a custom-built listing page that recieves front-page exposure on our site, reaching 5,000 prospects every day, and is readily accessible to our entire database of over 500,000 registered users. And that's multiplied by premium placement on over 20 other major sites, including, and

print marketing materials

While our marketing process is and always will be web-focused, Dream Town is adept at employing traditional marketing tools when the situation calls for them. Color brochures, yard and street signage, open house notices and targeted mailers—we're staffed to produce and use all of them as needed to sell your home as quickly and profitably as possible.

Purchase Offers and Contingencies

All offers are reviewed by your agent and the buyer's financial qualifications are verified. We negotiate on your behalf and mediate counter-offers to reach an agreement with the buyer. Contingencies and sale conditions are scrutinized by your agent to protect your interests and help you achieve the absolute best deal.

Sale and Closing

Everything leading up to the final closing is monitored by your agent to ensure a smooth, problem-free process. We are present for each step, including the legal review, property inspection, appraisal, financing, satisfaction of contingencies and closing paperwork.

ready to get started?

No matter if you’re buying for the first time, choosing an investment property, selling your long-time home or moving across the country, our team includes realtors experienced in handling your unique situation. Let us help match you with your perfect partner today!

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