3 Easy Ways to Improve Life in Your Chicago Home

Whether you’re in the market for a new Chicago home or have been a homeowner for years, there are few things that can exponentially increase your quality of life. These are small things—tools and devices not generally included with a house upon purchase—that can save you significant time and effort in everyday circumstances.

• We’ve all seen the standard overhead garage door opener found in most homes—these contraptions hang down from the top of the garage ceiling and aside from being obtrusive, are also a bit of an eye sore. But a jackshaft garage-door opener can alleviate this issue and open up more space for storage. The jackshaft opener mounts on the wall next to the door and turns the main shaft to open the door without chains or cables. Learn more about this efficient, compact device at LiftMaster.com.

• Looking for a way to improve your home’s air quality this summer? The quick answer may be an electrostatic air cleaner. This simple appliance is installed at the end of your system’s forced-air return duct and includes a dust-trapping pre-filter. Without reducing airflow, these units can eliminate up to 95 percent of airborne pollen and 80 percent of smoke particles.

• The majority of you can probably agree that there’s nothing like a steamy shower—right? Unfortunately, the cloud of humidity that comes with it can encourage mold growth and subsequently threaten your health. The annoying part is this: most bathrooms take 15-20 minutes to clear with the ventilation fan running, but who wants to wait that long before (hopefully) remembering to turn the fan off? Easy fix. Just replace your standard switch for a timer switch, which counts down like a kitchen timer before turning off automatically. Alternatively, you can install a high-end fan with humidity and motion detectors that let you customize settings for the built-in light and fan.

Each of these is a simple, affordable way to improve the quality of life in your Chicago home, not to mention, they’re effective ways to ensure the health and longevity of the home itself!

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