Emerging as a result from the aviation industry surrounding Midway Airport, this southwest Chicago neighborhood offers lovely bungalow-style housing and peaceful residential streets ideal for families just starting out and folks transitioning to the city. Vittum Park holds a very diverse culture in its small reaches on the outer boundaries of the city limits. Narrow lots, sidewalk-sliced lawns and long blocks conform to the typical grid pattern of Chicago neighborhoods. A sizeable community park is where Vittum Parkers convene to play a pickup game of baseball, hit the tennis ball around, and stretch the legs on the short walking trail. Inside the onsite fieldhouse, neighborhood children are welcome to participate in sports programs and recreational activities that include day camps and martial arts classes. Go ahead and work up an appetite because Vittum Park boasts a mini-selection of Mexican taquerias, American restaurants and casual bars to satiate your hunger – or thirst.

Vittum Park is a part of Garfield Ridge.

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