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South Edgebrook
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South Edgebrook Overview

South Edgebrook is a part of Forest Glen.

This serene northwest side community is one of the few Chicago neighborhoods to have majestic forest preserves, a golf course, and secluded single-family residences. The tiny neighborhood of South Edgebrook is for those who want the convenience of living in the city, but appreciate the tranquility of small-town life. Thick brush and lush greenscapes seep into landscaped residential blocks as the scent of wildflowers and sounds of a rushing river embrace South Edgebrook residents, who get to enjoy the marvels of nature everyday.

South Edgebrook History

Long before South Edgebrook became the predominantly residential setting that it is today, the land was Native American territory and home to the Potawatomi Indians. In 1828, the United States awarded the tract of land upon which South Edgebrook now sits to Potawatomi chief Billy Caldwell for successfully mediating treaties between the U.S. and the Potawatomi.

South Edgebrook eventually became part of the city of Chicago in 1889, and although a train station was built nearby, development was slow to take off. During the roaring 1920s, however, construction picked up, as those who were weary of the city’s hustle and bustle—but still wanted the benefits of living in its proximity—built homes nestled in the thick wooded landscape.

Today the South Edgebrook neighborhood, flanked by forest preserves and a golf course, is almost exclusively residential. There are still charming homes nestled in the woods, and industry has stayed away from this quiet, outlying section of Chicago. South Edgebrook is a peaceful, well-to-do Chicago neighborhood that attracts city workers, their families, and other folks who want to be closer to nature yet still within the city’s boundaries.

The Sights of South Edgebrook

South Edgebrook Neighborhood Photo
South Edgebrook Neighborhood Photo
South Edgebrook Neighborhood Photo
South Edgebrook Neighborhood Photo
South Edgebrook Neighborhood Photo

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