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North Center
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North Center Overview

North Center consists of: St Ben's.

North Center is a neighborhood on the rise with a well-kept residential area, a pleasant nightlife and an amiable antique shopping strip. From riverfront property on the west end to grand Victorian houses with wrap-around porches in the east, this Chicago neighborhood provides homebuyers with a wealth of desirable real estate options and more importantly, a place to call home. North Center is a nice balance of residential blocks and business sections. The restaurants are one-of-a-kind, putting a fantastic spin on the typical neighborhood cafes and family diners. Art and antique dealers join in with original works and creative furniture and home decor ideas. A local theater venue and a slew of cozy bars complete the package, making North Center a fine locale for everything you'd want in a Chicago neighborhood.

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North Center real estate is diverse, from riverfront property on the west end to Victorians with wrap-around porches in the east. Mixed in with some older architecture exists a lot of newly constructed properties. More and more, aging apartment buildings are being converted into updated condos. Renovations are at a constant here, all the while keeping intact many of the beautifully crafted homes occupying spacious lots that nowadays would typically house two separate residences.

Trees are abundant along both residential and busy commercial streets, giving the North Center neighborhood a grand, long-established presence boasting natural beauty and class. The cost of houses here are particularly less than in other north side Chicago neighborhoods that are closer to the lake or the Loop. But their value does continue to rise, and many of the North Center homes provide amenities such as single and double car garages a luxury those downtown residences don't often see.

North Center History

During the 1870s, the North Center neighborhood was only accessible by water via the Chicago River and by land via Lincoln Avenue, known at the time as Little Fork Road. In the later portion of the 1800s on through the early 1900s, roads were improved and the elevated train was extended making North Center easier to get to and subsequently more attractive to early settlers. Many European immigrants were drawn to the area and filled in the North Center neighborhood between two industrial districts, one to the east along Ravenswood Avenue and another on the west along the Chicago River, where most of the new residents worked.

Industry along the river proved especially important to the growth of Chicago. Clay was farmed from these banks in order to fulfill the high demand for brick buildings in the city after the Great Fire of 1871 inspired regulations against further wood frame construction. This boom in residential construction throughout Chicago carried over into North Center's history, resulting in a steady rise in population in the area. However, new residents began to protest the existence of the noisy and unattractive clay pits, which were eventually shut down and supplanted with landfills. Over time these landfills have all been replaced with thriving riverside businesses, housing, and the neighborhood's Revere Park.

Between 1940 and 1990 the neighborhood population dropped almost 40 percent, but the numbers are returning as area properties and businesses are restored and reestablished. Today, North Center is a vibrant family-based community where many generations have stayed through the years of fluctuation.

The Sights of North Center

North Center Neighborhood Photo
North Center Neighborhood Photo
North Center Neighborhood Photo
North Center Neighborhood Photo
North Center Neighborhood Photo
North Center Neighborhood Photo
North Center Neighborhood Photo
North Center Neighborhood Photo

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As Chicago neighborhood experts, Dream Town has successfully sold properties in North Center. Dream Town holds a well-earned reputation for its impressive sales volume and dedication to personal, attentive service. Benefit from the Dream Town advantage when selling your North Center home. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Dream Town drives more sales than any other Chicago brokerage.

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4110 North WESTERN, Chicago IL, 60618 #2S
Sold For $390,000
2036 West Cuyler, Chicago IL, 60618 #
Sold For $750,000
2339 West Barry, Chicago IL, 60618 #
Sold For $450,000
2309 West Belmont, Chicago IL, 60618 #3
Sold For $585,000
2016 West Melrose, Chicago IL, 60618 #
Sold For $1,639,000
2111 West Belmont, Chicago IL, 60618 #2
Sold For $480,000
1952 West Byron, Chicago IL, 60613 #3
Sold For $275,000
3059 North Leavitt, Chicago IL, 60618 #
Sold For $989,000
2019 West Pensacola, Chicago IL, 60018 #
Sold For $1,650,000
1835 West Oakdale, Chicago IL, 60657 #G
Sold For $294,900

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