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Beverly Woods
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Beverly Woods Overview

Beverly Woods is a part of Morgan Park.

Small, tightly-packed and situated on the border of where city meets suburbs, Beverly Woods is a quiet, purely residential neighborhood of brick single-family dwellings and blocks edged by sidewalks. A place Chicagoans can raise their families away from the hectic downtown streets without moving away from the city all together. Sheltered from the busy main drags, Beverly Woods residents love the peacefulness of their pocket-sized community.

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Beverly Woods History

Beverly Woods is a tiny neighborhood on Chicago’s far southwest side. Tucked between Morgan Park and Mount Greenwood (just south of Kennedy Park), this four-block by four-block enclave is considered part of the greater Morgan Park community area.

Morgan Park was intended to be a residential and commercial zone when the Blue Island Land and Building Company purchased the property in 1869. It was their intention to create a residential and commercial district that was self-sufficient and separate from the city of Chicago. They saw their goals achieved in the short-term when Morgan Park incorporated as a township in 1892. This dream was short-lived, however, as almost immediately after the town was granted sovereignty, the pressure was on to become part of the city of Chicago.

Residents of Morgan Park rather liked their status as an independent community, completely separate from their growing neighbor to the north. But alas, with the proposed union came the promise of better schools and improved policing, and area locals could not resist. Subsequently, Morgan Park (including the area that would one day be Beverly Woods) was officially annexed to the city of Chicago in 1914.

Like the rest of the greater Beverly and Morgan Park area, Beverly Woods has benefited from the work of the Beverly Area Planning Association and their annual home tour. This tour has helped existing residents promote the housing developments in their community to attract new families. And the association is front and center when it comes to the historic preservation of the neighborhood’s distinctive Prairie-style architecture. As a result, Beverly Woods has built up a reputation as a solid, safe middle-class neighborhood that offers Chicagoans the comforts of semi-suburban living with all the benefits of the big city just minutes away.

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