Talk of The Town: March 2021

Make it Minimal

The first day of spring is just around the corner, and it welcomes more than just a change in the weather. The season is often synonymous with refreshing spaces, and this month we’re exploring thoughtful ways to spring clean, declutter, and create the perfectly edited wardrobe.

The Style Edit

The concept of a capsule wardrobe was born out of a love of thoughtful consumption, and a desire for a well-loved closet. Designed to highlight mix-and-match pieces, this streamlined style is the perfect way to spruce up your look and organize your attire. The goal is to make your wardrobe work for you, limiting your choices to pieces you’re sure to wear. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same ol’ thing time and time again—you’ll want to be sure you’re switching it up seasonally to stay current.

  1. Pick your base color. Black or navy make good starting points.
  2. Add in the essentials. Neutral hues like white, ivory, camel or gray are good options for staple pieces.
  3. Choose the right accent. Select an accent color—or jazz it up with 2 to 3 options—to use as a highlight. The colors don’t have to be bold either, if more muted tones are your speed.
  4. Spice it up. Boost your style with your favorite patterned pieces and be sure to consider your layering options. Bold geometric designs or a textured blazer are classics.
  5. Select your accessories. Consider shoes, bags, belts and other accessories in neutral tones to make mixing and matching easier.

Attention men: This style hack works for you too. Start with your favorite navy or black suit, slacks and jeans as a base, adding in a crisp white button down or classic tee. These pieces pair perfectly with a statement tie, cardigan or blazer, and showcase timeless accents like brown or black shoes and belts flawlessly.

Decluttering 101

Now you’re ready to tackle your home with these room-by-room pointers.

Be creative when it comes to your entryway—you may not have the amount of storage you need, but a thoughtful landing station in the form of a basket or ceramic dish can help keep the area tidy. Mounted hooks and cubbies encourage an organized entrance as well.

Be more selective about your bathroom products. Treating yourself to high quality products that you know you’ll use every day cuts down on unnecessary or unused items. You’ll also want to remove everything from your medicine cabinet, and carefully discard outdated products. After a careful edit, place everything you use most often at eye level.

Focus on the countertops. They tend to be a catch-all space, and clearing the counters of unnecessary items leads to a cleaner looking space. Pantries are also a kitchen trouble spot. Clear out older items and group together like products—like keeping all sweets in the same spot or storing grains and pasta together—to streamline your space.

Keeping the bedroom clear of clutter is key to a good night’s rest. Start with your nightstand—place bedtime essentials into a drawer to promote a tranquility. It helps to be intentional about the items you choose to display, like scented candles or a cherished photo. Along the same lines, focus on placing clothing items in their proper place.

Living Room
One of the most used spaces in the home, the living room may offer decluttering challenges for many. Start by determining the perfect storage spaces and solutions for your lifestyle—you may find that you’re short on stylish storage, making chic woven baskets or a hidden storage ottoman a solid investment.

Laundry Room
While often overlooked, the laundry room offers a great opportunity to streamline your home. Maximize vertical space by stocking your shelves with most used items, or wall-mount your iron and ironing board to better take advantage of the area. Investing in a divided laundry bin also cuts down on sorting time and makes laundry day easier.

A Mindful Approach

Start your spring clean with the right mindset.

Adopt the 90/90 rule
Ask yourself if you’ve used an item in the last 90 days, and if you’ll use it in the 90 days to come. If the answer to both questions is no, then you should donate or dispose of the item. While the actual time frame is flexible, the sentiment is the same—focus on what works best for your lifestyle.

Keep a box in your closet
The concept is simple and packs a powerful punch. Whenever you put on an item of clothing that you don’t feel good in, toss it into a donation box. Making this decision in the moment is a quick and painless way to declutter your wardrobe.

Practice one-in-one-out
The name says it all: for every new thing that comes into your home, get rid of one other thing. It helps to have a designated “outbox” for the items you’ll be donating or giving way, and keeps you in the habit of practicing this straightforward method.

Adopt a decluttering mantra
Repeat after us—”the best, the favorite, or necessary.” Coined by author Emily Ley, this mantra helps your narrow down what’s really important and ensure your home reflects that. The idea is that you’ll only surround yourself with the items that you truly love, get the most use out of, or are necessary to maintain your household and lifestyle.

Try “The Ex Test”
This trick is equal parts sassy and helpful, and helps you evaluate just how important something really is to you. Ask yourself the following question: Would I contact a despised ex (romantic or otherwise) to retrieve the item? If not, then the item may not be that important and it’s time to say goodbye.


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