Talk of The Town: June 2020

Destination: Renovation

Ready to kick your style up a notch? This month we’re scouting the best ways to personalize your décor, plan a home refresh, and make smart home renovation choices to net the most bang for your buck.


The Most Bang For Your Buck

Renovating your home—whether a simple DIY project or something a bit more involved—is an easy way to increase the value of your property when it comes time to make a move. If you aren’t sure where to start, these home renovations have been proven to provide the highest return on investment for sellers.

Kitchen. Not only will a modern update add value to your home, it’ll also enhance your own enjoyment daily. Replacing appliances, installing new countertops and hardware, refinishing cabinetry, and a fresh coat of paint or flooring are all good starting points for giving any kitchen a new lease on life.

Garage. Looking to boost curb appeal? A good-looking garage door will recoup most of its cost when you decide to sell your home. In fact, this one update provides homeowners with the highest return on investment. The garage may seem like an unexpected place to refresh, but don’t overlook this easy update!.

Entry Door. Replacing your entry door with a modern 20-gauge steel option—complete with dual-pane half-glass panel, and an aluminum threshold with composite stop—will recoup nearly 75% of its cost. Add a bit of personality by painting your new door a vibrant, welcoming color.

Siding. Old siding can make even the nicest home seem worn. For the average home, replacing dilapidated siding can get homeowners nearly three-quarters of their investment back at resale.

5 Tips to Get on Track For Your Remodel
  1. Know your limits. Not every project is going to be suited to your skill set or preferences, so enlist the help of the pros before diving in. Another thing to consider: while friends and family are often eager to pitch in, they may not always be able to help with complicated renos. There’s no harm in relying on the experts to ensure your project is completed properly!
  2. Determine the specifics. Do your homework before you start any project. You may find that your ideal renovation is more costly than you’d prefer, or will require limiting access to an essential part of your home for an extended time. If you aren’t prepared to deal with those sorts of details, the project might not be for you. Fret not though—you may find innovative ways to meet your design preferences in another way.
  3. Overestimate resources. You may have done your homework, but it’s always a good idea to overbudget for costs. Even the most basic updates can lead to unforeseen circumstances, and having a padded budget can help you adjust for surprises without adding stress. While you’re at it, be sure to allow a few extra days to complete your project. Adding extra time to the front and back ends means that you’re covered should things not stick to your schedule.
  4. Clearly communicate. Don’t underestimate the power of pictures when hiring a contractor. Photographs—whether pulled from your favorite home décor website or Pinterest—help your contractor better understand your design vision.
  5. Don’t give up on your dreams. Before you table your renovation dreams, do some research. While your project might feel daunting, costly, or time-consuming, there are ways to make these dreams a reality. Partner with an architect, home design professional, or contractor to draw on their expertise. They’ll be able to help you accomplish your goals with a little creativity and expertise, and may even help you achieve something you wouldn’t have realized was possible.

Stylish Digs

There are a variety of online design services available to help you seamlessly spruce up your home from the comfort of your couch. If you’re in the mood for a style update, these services are the perfect starting point for a décor renew.

Havenly |
Find finishing touches for your favorite room, or select a total room transformation with this unique service. Unlike most online services out there, Havenly allows users to choose their own designer who’s available via text or email, and offers two pricing tiers.

RoomLift |
RoomLift’s intuitive service offers more than just design. Once you’ve found your look, they provide all the information you’ll need to purchase your selected pieces.

Decorist |
Offering Instagram-worthy home styling, this service can put together a design from its style quiz, but also lets users take inspiration from Pinterest. Decorist offers three design tiers, along with a free consultation.

Modsy |
Stocked with shoppable goods from West Elm to Interior Define, Modsy designs make buying a breeze. Using highly-realistic renderings, Modsy makes imagining your new room a cinch.

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