Kitchen Cabinet Makeover: All New Look for Less

When it’s time to give your outdated Chicago kitchen an update, we’ve got a good way to save money on the makeover. Instead of tearing out the old cupboards and buying new ones, consider re-doing the existing cabinets. It costs less and is a greener alternative that can breathe new life into a tired kitchen motif.

You’d be surprised how different a set of cabinets can be after a total re-facing. Everything from the grain to the color to the finish is modifiable with the right technique and tools. For that reason, it’s suggested you enlist a professional to do the job. However, avid do-it-yourselfers are sure to find any cabinet project a rewarding task with plenty of opportunity to test your craftiness.

Cabinetry with good bones but a less-than-desirable façade may need nothing more than a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. This is the simplest makeover and may be the cheapest way to go if your cupboards are plain, paintable wood. Embellishments, such as trim and inlays, can be added to a flat cupboard door to create dimension and inject a bit of flair.

Materials other than wood are a little trickier to work with and most likely require the expertise of a trained hand. It may be necessary to sand down the old surface or apply treatments to get something modern from an antiquated style. A pro will be able to explain the options that are viable for your particular set-up and price-out choices to find the most affordable solution to your outmoded cabinet problem.

As long as your cabinets are in good shape and securely installed, this method of kitchen upgrade is a great way to go! And, because you are reusing instead of throwing out and buying new, your kitchen cabinet remodel is eco-friendly, as well as better for the budget!

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