Home Sellers Tips: Part III

In the previous entries I’ve already covered some of the simplest ways to prepare your home for sale, namely, getting rid of the clutter, packing away personal items, and giving the house the deep-cleaning of its life. (No skimping here – dust those ceiling fans, wax the kitchen floor, de-mold the bathtub tiles, and polish any chrome fixtures until they shine like the top of the, well, Sears Tower.) The next step is to freshen up the home with paint touchups, minor repairs and some strategic purchases that can really give your house or condo new life.

To start, replace burnt out light bulbs and fix any broken cupboard doors or drawers, spackle over nail holes in the wall, and paint any rooms that have non-neutral color schemes or dingy-looking coats. Think about using a low toxicity VOC paint product that is better for the environment and the homeowner’s health. Little things like this can be cool selling points that will make potential buyers remember your property as the “eco-friendly” home.

Go through your house with a fine-tip comb to identify any damaged areas and make a list. Some things may be totally off your radar because you are so used to seeing them everyday, so step out of your shoes and walk through the home as a buyer would – with a very scrutinizing eye. Many of the items that end up on your list are probably quick fixes, like a door needs new hinges to swing properly, or the cracked tile in the shower needs replacing. Other issues that may need a professional, such as a roof leak or plumbing problem, are important to handle correctly. Hire someone to do the repair right, don’t try to cover these bigger hitches up with a temporary Band-Aid. Address every single item on your list and leave no loose drawer handle un-tightened! Because if you noticed it, chances are those eagle-eyed buyers will, too.

More great ways to gussy up your home for sale to come next time!

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