Spring Market Success: Seller 101

With the spring housing market set to kick off in February—yes, spring starts early in the real estate industry—sellers can expect to see high buyer demand fueled by historically low interest rates and inventory. Experts are anticipating another season of multiple competitive offers, and shorter listing times for sellers. If you’ve been considering selling your home, these tips will help you achieve real estate success.

  1. Know your worth
    Understanding your home’s current market value is key to a successful sale and will help position your home competitively. Your broker will help you properly price your home, and provide you with a detailed home value analysis to ensure your financial goals are met.
  2. Find the right real estate expert
    Selling your home requires the assistance of a local market expert, and partnering with a broker that understands your goals and market trends is key to success. Your broker will help you prepare to list, provide guidance, recommend upgrades, and connect you with the right professionals to ensure your home commands top dollar.
  3. Know what you’re working with
    Many real estate professionals recommend having a home inspection prior to listing your property. This allows you to avoid hiccups with potential buyers, and take care of any issues prior to selling your home to ensure a smooth close and gain a competitive advantage on the market.
  4. Prepare your home
    The bulk of the “work” of selling a home is getting it in “show-ready” condition, prior to putting it on the market. Your broker will help you establish a plan that may include deep cleaning, decluttering, making outstanding repairs and completing updates. Making all necessary improvements will create the best first impression for photos and buyer tours.
  5. Plan for the future
    Making a move involves more than just the decision to sell your home—you’ll have to consider where you see yourself in the future. Whether you’re looking for upgraded finishes or are focused on finding a space you can easily grow in, your broker can help you build your wish list and start your home search.

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