Home Sellers Tips: Part II

There’s one piece of advice most every real estate agent and home stager will give when it comes to preparing your home for sale – put away the family photos. They don’t tell you this because the pictures look bad or because they are cluttering up the space. They suggest taking down the framed wedding pics and snapshots stuck to the fridge because these bits of personal memorabilia make it harder for potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home and envision their favorite family portraits on the wall or propped up on the mantel.

Same goes for other personal items that could distract a buyer, like DVDs and CDs, award plaques, magnets on the refrigerator, stuffed animals, kid’s toys in the living room, towels with your names stitched on them, and any eye-catching collections (you want people to look at your house, not your incredible assortment of beer steins). Now don’t take this so far that your home or condo starts to feel like no one lives there. It’s just as important for the buyer to feel a sense of intimacy as it is for them to be able to picture their own stuff here. Find that balance between comfort and anonymity.

By creating a space that is still lived in and homey, but doesn’t scream, “I’m someone else’s home,” you’re on your way to getting that property off the market in no time. Look for my next post for more helpful hints on how to get your home ready to sell!

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