Design A Dream Closet in Your Chicago Home

If you’re into fashion, then you might be a shopaholic. And if you’re a shopaholic, you probably have more clothes than you know what to do with, which means you need a Chicago home with room enough to house your treasured fashions, or you need to customize and build a new dream closet.

Now, if you’re already in the market for a new home, obviously the first option is great. But if it’s just your threads needing new space, nothing beats designing and building your own dream closet. So to all of Chicago’s fashionistas out there, it’s time to create your own fashion sanctuary—here are some tips on how to do it.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space
You’re not designing a run of the mill walk-in closet—you’re designing a style paradise. And since you are designing it, go all out. Don’t shy away from simple remodeling construction to make your existing walk-in a little bigger, but you can also convert a spare room or even attic space.

It’s ideal to have a comfortable sitting area while sorting through daily ensembles, so invest in a fun loveseat or chaise lounge. A vintage chandelier and funky rug will also complement your cool boutique-style closet well.

Now that we’ve talked style, let’s talk function: Make sure you have enough space for all of your things. Install plenty of shelving for shoes along the walls, and leave ample room for clothing racks. If you have a special affinity for any one clothing accessory (designer handbags, perhaps), design special shelving that not only displays your collection, but keeps them safe from damage.

Add a Few Decorative Accents
A splash of your favorite color on one of the closet walls will give it a personal touch, but you could consider wallpaper, too—bold patterns and stripes add visual interest and provide an interesting backdrop for your clothing. Display a few photos in fancy frames and invest is some antique fixtures (i.e., doorknobs) to tie your space together.

Put On the Finishing Touches
Finally, any Chicago fashionista needs a full-length mirror in which to check themselves and ensure their outfit has come together as planned. Make this mirror a focal point in the room. Also, add a few slide-out valet hooks for displaying a few of your favorite outfits, or for easy access to tomorrow’s ensemble.

Remember that a dream closet can be as simple or profound as you choose. Whether you go all out with constructive remodeling or work within an existing room or closet, a little design sense is all you need to turn your dressing area into a piece of premier Chicago property.

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