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Lincolnwood Overview

Lincolnwood is a thriving suburb, growing from humble origins. Located approximately 12 miles northwest of Chicago, Lincolnwood is proud of its family-oriented, business-friendly community. Quality schools, state-of-the-art civic services, and ample public park space have drawn residents to the suburbs since its inception. Lincolnwood offers direct access to the city and surrounding areas, with proximity to the Edens and public transit allowing residents to commute with ease.

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The housing stock in Lincolnwood is quite varied, offing a good selection of single-family homes and some attached multi-unit properties. For the most part, the neighborhood streets are lined with well-kept three-bedroom houses on prim lots edged by shrubs, trees and flower beds. Residential architecture spans from classic mid-century split-levels to traditional English cottages. There are modest brick ranches and extravagant Spanish-style mansions. A recent construction boom between 2002 and 2005 saw about 25 building permits per year with new homes averaging around $450,000.

In 2008, the median price for a house or condo in Lincolnwood was a little over $530,000 (more than double the median value of homes in the state of Illinois at that time). Most detached residential real estate currently on the market ranges from $200,000 to two or three million. Attached properties generally cost anywhere from $150,000 to the upper $500,000s, according to what was listed on the market at the time this was written. Lincolnwood has spacious townhouses in gated communities and condominium complexes with outdoor pools and other on-site amenities.

Whether you're looking for a place with a yard to raise a family or a comfortable condo to retire in style, Lincolnwood is a great suburban spot to find that perfect piece of real estate.

Lincolnwood History

Lincolnwood suburb

Located approximately 12 miles northwest of downtown Chicago, the thriving Lincolnwood suburb grew from humble origins, with its first colonial settlers establishing a village in the wooded area during the mid-1800s. The population grew steadily with the completion of the Chicago & North Western Railway station in 1891 and the North Shore Channel in 1909 and the community decided to incorporate in 1911 as Tessville, named after notable early resident Johann Tess.

Throughout the early 1900s, Tessville gained an ill reputation as a haven for speakeasies and gambling dens. To dispel this image, Tessville was renamed Lincolnwood in 1936 during the 46-year stewardship of Mayor Henry A. Proesel, who worked to transform the community with extensive beautification efforts and by encouraging major manufacturing companies to relocate to the area. The Lincolnwood suburb blossomed further in 1951 after the opening of the Edens Expressway, making the area more attractive to commuting professionals and their families.

Today, Lincolnwood proudly hails itself as an family-oriented, business-friendly community, providing quality schools, civic services and recreational opportunities that include forest preserves, over 30 acres of public park space, and a range of sport and athletics facilities.

Dream Town Knows Lincolnwood

As suburban experts, Dream Town has successfully sold properties in Lincolnwood. Dream Town holds a well-earned reputation for its impressive sales volume and dedication to personal, attentive service. Benefit from the Dream Town advantage when selling your Lincolnwood home. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Dream Town drives more sales than any other Chicago brokerage.

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The Sights of Lincolnwood

Lincolnwood Suburb Photo
Lincolnwood Suburb Photo
Lincolnwood Suburb Photo
Lincolnwood Suburb Photo
Lincolnwood Suburb Photo
Lincolnwood Suburb Photo
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Lincolnwood Suburb Photo
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