The World of Luxurious Tree Houses

Birtish Columbia Enchanted Forest treehouse.

Birtish Columbia Enchanted Forest treehouse.

The simple tree house used to be a place for kids to escape their parents and have a sleepover without worrying too much about Dad’s not-quite-up-to-spec craftsmanship. Nowadays, the tree house of our childhood dreams has upgraded from housing a few toys and a cot to featuring bathrooms, elevators, Wi-Fi and full kitchens. So before you start hammering planks of wood into your backyard tree, take a look at these coolest tree houses around the world for inspiration.

If you happen to be driving through British Columbia’s Enchanted Forest, make it a point to visit this spectacular tree house—possibly the tallest in all of Canada. According to Go Big or Go Home, this wooden beauty stands 47 feet high and is actually three tree houses with 64 steps leading you to the top floor.

The next time you’re traveling through Sweden spend a night at the Treehotel, where some of the most unique tree house creations exist. The coolest has to be the Mirrorcube, which features an aluminum base around the tree trunk with reflective glass used as walls. Don’t worry, this tree house is covered by an infrared film preventing birds from crashing into the walls. The six windows provide amazing views of the surrounding forest while the tree house includes a double bed, bathroom, lounge and rooftop terrace.

Sure, tree houses are pretty cool, but how about one with a Boeing 727 going through it? The Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica features a refurbished vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe placed right amongst the jungle canopy, according to the hotel’s website. Featuring hand–carved teak furniture, two air conditioned bedrooms with private baths, a flat screen TV, kitchen, dining area and ocean view terrace, chances are this spot will provide you with the nest airplane food you ever had.

Hotel Costa Verde Costa Rica

Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica.

While you may have never heard of Crossville, Tennessee, it’s the place to go to check out what is possibly the largest tree house in the world. This 10,000 square-foot wooden behemoth was built by Minister Horace Burgess who was inspired by the man upstairs to create the structure supported by an 80-foot white oak tree, according to Business Insider. Featuring over 80 rooms including a basketball court on the third floor, a choir loft and numerous trap doors, the tree house rises to 10-stories.

Minister Horace Burgess treehouse by Roger Smith.

Minister Horace Burgess treehouse by Roger Smith.

There’s a fine line between working around nature and disrupting it. Designer Luskaz Kos was cognizant of this fact when he built the 4 Tree House in Lake Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.Constructed around four trees and suspended 20 feet above ground with steel cables, the two-ton lattice-frame 410 square foot structure is anchored by only a puncture hole in each of the four trees, according to Home Tree Home. Resembling a giant Japanese lantern hovering the forest, the 4 Tree House looks cooler than most of our homes.

So the next time you consider building a tree house in your backyard, let these tree house titans inspire you to branch out and go big. And if you can’t get the zoning permits to build that deluxe tree house in the sky, drop the hammer and just book some flights to check these unique tree houses out in person.


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