The New Homebuyer's Survival Guide

So, maybe you’ve been renting for awhile. Your family, friends, and know-it-all-boss are all hounding you to “stop throwing your money away” and buy something. Knowing where to start is tough- but this truly is a great time to do it.

You’ve probably been hearing phrases like “pre-construction pricing”, “buyer’s market” and “housing bubble” (and if you have, then read Mark Miles’ blog so you can rest easy).  But some equally important terms you may not be hearing are “closing cost credit”, “special assessment” and “buyer’s agent.”

That’s where a Buyer’s Agent comes in. A Buyer’s Agent is a licensed realtor who primarily focuses on the needs of buyers.

A Buyer’s Agent is also here if you just need to freak out a little. “It’s the biggest purchase I’ll ever make! Why won’t the seller fix that cracked tile?? What the heck are transfer tax stamps?” While there may be no accreditation for “Helping Clients Through a Freak-Out”- that’s a huge part of what I do.

A Buyer’s Agent’s biggest responsibility is to listen to your needs and help you find the perfect place for you, walking you through the buying process and sharing their expertise with you. That process will include:

  • Analyze listings for you, so that by the time they get to your inbox, you’ll say to yourself, “Wow- this building is pet friendly, has hardwood floors, and is only 2 blocks from my job.”  See how I did that? I listened to what you told me you needed.
  • Talk to you about what you need to know before you buy a certain property- how special assessments can affect you, what’s going on with the housing market in a given neighborhood, why you should never go into a sales center without your agent, etc.
  • Negotiate for you- Buyer’s Agents know what kinds of incentives or credits to ask for, and we can help you devise a game plan for presenting a successful offer. And, if things get tense- we put out fires.

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