Your "Ready to Move" To-Do List

Making the transition from one Chicago home to another can turn into quite the “to-do” list. The list begins as a manageable thing and then just never stops growing! Of course, packing (and packing and packing) is the cumbersome king of that list, but don’t let it overshadow the smaller-but-still-important details you need to manage. Letting the little things fall through the cracks will only cause undue stress later.

That said, how about some help nailing down the most commonly forgotten “to-dos” of any big move, and how you can tackle them proactively?

Start packing as far in advance as possible.
We already said it: Packing is the cumbersome king of moving to-dos. The thing is, you often don’t realize how much stuff you actually have until it’s time to pack it all up and move it to a new place. This is why packing early on is crucial to a smooth, successful transition.

Start by packing up your least-used items in each room, and as your move date draws near, you should manage to have the entire home packed using this “least-used” strategy. Just keep a small suitcase or duffle bag handy so you can pack up your daily necessities on the day of your actual move.

File a change of address with the post office.
It’s beyond frustrating to miss a bank statement, a product delivery or a care package from mom, so make sure you tell the United States Postal Service where they can find you. Thanks to the Internet, this is an easy to-do, because you can quickly change your address online. Visit the USPS site now to get started.

Transfer magazine and other subscriptions.
You’d die without your Chicago Tribune each morning, right? Because no one wants to stare at the wall while they drink their morning coffee. To make sure this doesn’t happen, let the subscriptions department know where they can find you. You may even want to sit down and make a list (yes, another one) of all your mailed subscriptions so you can check them off as you contact them.

Transfer bank accounts and prescriptions.
If you’re new to Chicago, you may have banked with a regional or local institution that doesn’t have offices in the area. You’ll most certainly want to switch banks and close any outstanding accounts at your old institution. Also, if you’re using prescription medication, you’ll want to notify your doctor of your move so that you can have your medicine available at a local pharmacy.

Defrost the refrigerator.
You’ll want your old home ready to vacate when the day arrives, so you should unplug all appliances and defrost the refrigerator 24 to 48 hours before you leave the premises. Consider it an excuse to eat out for a day or two.

You’ve already triumphed in your hunt through the endless Chicago homes for sale, and nothing should diminish your excitement about a new place. So make sure that moving isn’t the thing that steals your moment—plan it out, follow your to-do list and you’ll avoid that dreaded “Oops, I forgot” moment along the way.


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