Meet Chicago's first pre-certified PHIUS renovation

Originally built in the 1890s, this stunning Ravenswood home has been completely reinterpreted and re-engineered to become one of the city’s first pre-certified PHIUS (Passive House Institute of the United States) renovation. And technology didn’t get in the way of style or luxury—this spacious 5-bed, 3.1-bath home offers thoughtfully designed interiors with lavish finishes throughout. Exclusively listed and sold by The Swake Group of Dream Town, 4887 N Ravenswood Avenue is an impressive study in sustainable home building.

Following strict guidelines, this home draws on an array of technologies to meet the rigorous standards set forth by PHIUS to create the ultimate green and sustainable home.

From high-end appliances and mechanicals to closed-cell polyurethane interior wall insulation, this home offers an airtight envelope that provides the ultimate in energy efficient living.

An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) converts stale air with clean, fresh air. This system also harvests the energy from this process to heat incoming air, while a photovoltaic system provides approximately 25% of the home’s electricity demand.

A fully-zoned Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC system efficiently ensures each area of the home is always the optimal temperature.

In addition to the PHIUS pre-certification, the house earned the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERN) status, is EPA Energy Star certified, and earned the EPA’s indoor airPLUS label—guaranteeing comprehensive interior air quality protections.

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