Moving to A New Chicago Home? Have a Checklist Ready

You’ve made it through the homebuying process and in 60 days will officially call your new place home when your moving truck pulls up in front. Just as you prepared for buying a Chicago home by researching properties and examining your own finances, preparations must be made to ensure a smooth moving process.

Making a checklist is a simple way to ready yourself for moving day. Here’s what you should include, assuming an eight-week time frame:

As Soon As You Sign The Papers
Call the movers and nail down an exact moving date. If you have to change it, you’ll have much more leeway if you’ve booked a mover far in advance. If applicable, reserve the elevator in your building for the move and determine what the parking situation is, and if you’ll need to get a permit.

8 Weeks Before The Big Day
Make a file folder so that important information like contact numbers for your mover, your banker and your mortgage broker are easily within reach. Start thinking about your new space and planning out where belongings will go.

7 Weeks Before The Big Day
Learn more about your new neighborhood. Are you going to have to switch doctors or dentists, or are your children going to have to switch schools? Start readying records and making those preparations now.

6 Weeks Before The Big Day
Declutter your belongings. You don’t want to spend the time and expense to move an item if you won’t use it at your new place either.

4 Weeks Before The Big Day
Determine how you will label your boxes for the movers, so that they know what boxes go in what specific room. This will make unpacking much more easy. Contact the utility company to have your utilities disconnected at your current place and connected at your new place. You don’t want to have your services turned off at your current place the exact day you move out, so schedule the electricity to be shut off a couple of days after your move. Have the power turned on at your new home a few days before you move too. If you’ll want to have Internet and cable up and running at your new home as soon as you move, schedule an appointment with the cable company now. When you’re packing, make sure you have the router or any necessary equipment in a clearly-labeled box.

1-3 Weeks Before The Big Day
Use up the last of your perishables and cleaning supplies. As you start to pack up your essential items, put them in a box labeled essential or unpack first.

The Big Day
Have a discussion with your movers and tell them what items you will need right away, such as kitchen supplies or bedding. These items should be loaded into the truck last so they can be moved off first. Check every room, closet and cabinet in your current place to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

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