How Real Estate Can Drive Relationships

Today is the day to celebrate that which is written in the stars and on candied hearts: Love. Real estate often plays a very important part in relationships, and may even dictate a relationship’s speed and direction. For instance, perhaps a woman doesn’t want to move in with a man until she’s engaged to him, but he doesn’t want to buy a home until the market is more favorable-leaving the couple in a bit of a stalemate.

However, even after you move past the question of to buy or not to buy, there are real estate quandaries that can arise as you search for the home of your dreams that might prove to be a source of friction or spark a shared sense of passion.

Here’s how to keep love’s flame afire through the home buying process:

Price Matters
Make sure you and your significant other are on the same page regarding your potential home’s price. If in his mind the husband thinks they can go this high but the wife believes they must set the budget much, much lower, this can create a sore spot for months-or even years-to come. If a couple starts to run out of money and then one partner blames it on the other person’s desire to go outside of their budget, it can snowball into a never-ending argument. So before you even set about embarking on the house hunt, make sure to set a price you both feel comfortable with.

Location, Location, Location
Just as location is one of the critical tenets of real estate, it can also benefit or be a detriment to relationships. If you decide to move further away from where you work in order to have a larger piece of property or quite possibly a less expensive one, you might spend more time commuting to work, which means less time together. So really weigh the junction of price and location before making a decision on what neighborhood to move into, and remember that both price and location are always more important determinants in the final decision to purchase than the home’s features or décor.

Wait Before You Renovate
The moving process can be a stressful one as is, and it’s best to not immediately take on a huge renovation as soon as the last moving box has been unpacked. Working with contractors and balancing budgets can be a lengthy and at times frustrating process, and to take that on after the lengthy and at times frustrating process of moving can certainly take its toll on a relationship. Enjoy living in your home for a few months and having the time to spend on your relationship before you launch into another project.

Happy Valentine’s Day…and happy home hunting!

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