What Not to Do During the Home Buying Process

Be careful about falling in love with a house that doesn’t live up to your practical requirements or fit your financial guidelines. Buying a home is a huge life decision and it is easy for people to become emotionally attached to a home that doesn’t really suit their needs and restrictions. But, focusing on the aspects you love about a home and ignoring the property’s limitations is a mistake you want to avoid.

Still, when blinded by love, it can be difficult to resist an impulsive – and potentially costly – decision. That’s why it’s important to have the guidance and experience of a professional with you throughout the entire home-buying experience. By discussing your individual needs and wants with your Dream Town agent, they can help you stay on track and find homes that match all your specific qualifications.

Another home buying mistake is to stand back and be a passive bystander. Don’t sit on the sidelines – this is your purchase, so it is beneficial to get involved in the buying process. From the second your home search begins to the day you close, play an active roll in the purchase of your home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be confident and assertive about what you want. And remember, your Dream Town agent is here as your trusted adviser, to address your concerns, answer your questions and support your full participation.

Possibly one of the most costly mistakes a home buyer can make is not having a property professionally inspected. A home inspection can discover problematic issues or defects that would end up costing the new homeowner thousands in the future. These types of problems can be used to renegotiate an appropriate offer price.

Whether the home is existing or new construction, you should have a home inspection completed on the property you intend to purchase. Your Dream Town agent can recommend several qualified home inspectors in your area.

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