Dream Town Takes Action To Insure Its Brokers

Insurance for Brokers
In a break from usual industry practices, we’re proud to announce our new plan to offer our individual brokers the same group insurance plan offered to full-time staff, provided at as low as half the price for individual policies. The shift in company policy was sparked by a recent announcement by health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield that their “Blue PPO” plan would be discontinued at the end of 2015 and that replacement plans would exclude the city’s noted teaching hospitals.

“Real estate brokers are independent contractors running their own businesses and have to provide for their own health insurance,” explains Dream Town owner Yuval Degani. “Many brokers throughout the city, including at our firm, relied on their Blue PPO plan to receive care from their trusted doctors, and now this crucial benefit was being taken away. This didn’t sit well with me.”

Our move to help brokers replace their expiring plans is in line with the company culture we’ve worked to foster since the firm was founded in 1998. “We’re dedicated to taking care of our brokers,” Degani says. “That includes not only how we help them sell real estate, but also how we can help them remain vital and healthy throughout their careers. Losing your insurance plan is a serious setback. Dream Town isn’t going to leave these brokers scrambling to find something new that might not provide them with the benefits they need.”

Degani points out that quality health insurance is hardly a sole reason to join a brokerage–he cites the additional benefits of working at Dream Town, which include state-of-the-art client management systems, in-house marketing, and comprehensive professional development options.

“Dream Town is a brokerage where the brokers’ needs are paramount,” he says. “I’m proud that, with this new policy, we can offer one more way to take care of our community.”

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