Dream Town Brokers Examine Gender In Real Estate


This month’s issue of Chicago Agent tackles the critical conversation surrounding gender issues in the real estate industry. The article examines questions of leadership and opportunity among Chicago realtors, as well as how gender can affect mortgage lending, HOA management, and construction.

Dream Town brokers Barbara O’Connor and Nykea Pippion-McGriff, two of the top realtors in Chicago, offer their insights on these topics, with McGriff gracing the issue’s cover. O’Connor, the managing broker of Dream Town’s office in Lincoln Square, observes that current issues are in part due to prevailing culture:

“I can’t figure out why they’re not hiring or interviewing more women. It emulates their ownership, or corporate America. Do I see it changing? I think when corporate America changes it will.”

McGriff, who is also the current president of the Women’s Council of Realtors, notes that part of her mission is to address the disparity.

“We are cognizant of the need to continuously develop a woman leader in the association, [in] the local, the state and national level, and that’s a part of what [WCR] helps to do, and that’s develop the next wave of leaders.”

The discussion around this topic is likely to influence how many Chicago realtors choose to plan and operate their businesses for the future. Read the whole article here.

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