COVID-19 Real Estate Update

With restaurants closing and more people working from home, everyday life is changing and so is real estate. Amid the COVID-19 situation, our goal is to help our clients feel comfortable and make the best decisions. With high buyer demand fueled by historic low interest rates, the market is still very much alive. 

We are helping our buyers and sellers meet key milestones in their process while protecting their health. Dream Town is prepared to help with a contingency plan should a party involved in the transaction become quarantined. We have virtual communication options to keep things moving without requiring in-person contact. Lastly, our partners, attorneys and title companies are eager to work through obstacles with us. 

Health is our paramount focus. Here are just some of the measures we can take to keep everyone healthy and safe: 

  • Video conferencing technology like Zoom, WebEx and Facetime for meetings when appropriate. 
  • Disinfecting our cars and if we feel appropriate, we may drive our own separate vehicles when traveling to property tours. 
  • We may opt to use lockboxes to show your home. 
  • We have virtual 3D technology at our disposal to showcase your listing remotely. 

The world has many times overcome significant challenges, and we know that we will once again. Dream Town is grateful that in this day and age, technology is helping us stay close and connected.  

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