Chicago's Most Lavish Lobbies

If you only get one chance to make a great first impression, condo and apartment lobbies in Chicago have set a high water mark for oohing and aahing prospective buyers and gawkers alike. Walking into a high rise’s lobby is akin to meeting a blind date where the layout and design either floor you or bore you. Is it superficial? Sure. But that doesn’t stop architects and designers from trying to one up each other to entice buyers with lavish lobbies that merge sophistication, style and substance.

How important are lobbies when it comes to deciding to buy or pass on a Chicago condo or apartment? Check out our list of the best lobbies in the city and tell us you wouldn’t want to live in these eye-catching buildings just for the amazing lobbies alone.

73 East Lake: Located in the Loop, this lobby by developer M&R Development brilliantly showcases the new aesthetic feel consuming Chicago high-rise entrances. A dozen video monitors of different shapes cling to the walls in a jigsaw pattern showcasing a four-minute video loop of Chicago highlights. Avoiding a hotel feel while staying far away from the stale welcome of an office building, this lobby pleases the eye with curved walls and a seating area featuring a Roche Bobois Mah Jong modular sectional covered in colorful Missoni fabric, reports the Chicago Tribune. Looking more like a sophisticated, urban lounge area than your typical lobby, 73 East Lake lets visitors know right off the bat that this building is anything but routine.

73 East Lake

Randolph Tower City Apartments: Completed back in 1929, this Gothic Revival building also located in the Loop underwent a major renovation a few years ago, creating one of the most unique Chicago lobbies around. Merging the city’s past with a vibrant modern touch, this lobby utilizes pastel colors, soft wooden hues and a dynamic cross-design floor that somehow avoids looking too busy while still giving the eye plenty of candy to feast on.

A purple halo hangs over the front entrance where visitors first come into contact with a beautiful mural of classic 1930s Chicago hanging overhead. Delving deeper into the lobby reveals a cozy setup of comfy chairs and sectionals arranged in a laid back yet colorful setup while a fireplace, wood paneling and a rack of newspapers bring about an almost Willy Wonka vibe to the entrance. And that’s a good thing.

188 Randolph lobbyK2: Located in the West Loop, the K2 lobby resembles the antithesis of what we thought the future would look like back in those old 50s sci-fi movies. A splash of color courtesy of a Vidvuds Zviedris painting greets you upon entering the lobby. The black and off-white linear tile conveys the idea of movement brilliantly, which works with lobby’s modern theme. Clean lines, sharp angles and the marble stone that centers the reception desk make the K2 lobby feel like the place Google developers go to think of the next big idea.

K2 lobbyLincoln Park 2550: Looking more like a vacation getaway resort with class than a condo lobby, the stunning 2,000 square foot lobby design of this 218-unit building features buff limestone, bleached walnut and ceruse oak and a black-and-white stone floor that collectively give off a major relaxation vibe. Large windows overlooking the majestic gardens provide a serene setting that has many asking how much per month just to hang out in this exquisite Lincoln Park lobby. Take one look at the elegant design and you’ll understand why Chicago Luxury Real Estate called it the best lobby among Chicago condo buildings.


2550 Lincoln Park


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