5 Things to do this Weekend: Nov 6 - Nov 8

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay entertained with these 5 online events this weekend. 

Plan the perfect virtual spa day

Treat yourself and your favorite people to a virtual spa experience this weekend! Hosted by Chicago’s very own Scratch Goods, this unique event is the perfect way to remotely connect with friends and unwind.

Date: Fri Nov 6 – Sun Nov 8
Time: See website for schedule
Cost: See website for pricing
More Info: scratchgoods.com

Kickstart the holiday season

Explore a virtual Christkindlmarket this weekend, and kickstart your holiday season a little early. The first-ever remote version of this Chicago holiday tradition, this event offers an array of online vendors and activities for a truly unique experience.

Date: Fri Nov 6 – Sun Nov 8
Time: See website for details
Cost: Free
More Info: christkindlmarket.com

Tour the best of the art scene

Back for another year of amazing exhibitions, this virtual version of the annual SOFA Expo will take you through some of the best of the global art scene—all from the comfort of your couch! Focusing on a different medium each day, this ever-changing event offers something for everyone.

Date: Fri Nov 6 – Sun Nov 8
Time: See website for details
Cost: Free
More Info: sofaexpo.com

Try your hand at something new

Ready to learn how to bake the perfect scone, or plan the perfect gourmet dinner for a night in? Featuring the culinary geniuses behind the Chopping Block, these virtual crash courses will help you flex your home chef muscles this weekend.

Date: Sat Nov 7
Time: 10am – 4pm
Cost: $5
More Info: thechoppingblock.com

Go behind the camera

Dive into the history of Chicago cinema this weekend! This virtual tour will take you through the prolific background of film in Chicago, exploring the wonder of 1920s movie makeup and the trend-setting experts behind the looks of some of Hollywood’s most glamorous.

Date: Sun Nov 8
3pm – 4pm
More Info: chicagomovietours.com


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