5 Things to do this Weekend: Mar 27 - Mar 29

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay entertained with these 5 things this weekend. 

Star in Your Favorite Sitcom

Ever wanted to channel Joey from Friends or Don Draper from Mad Men? Download 50 of television’s most legendary scripts for free, and re-enact your favorite episodes at the table or over video chat with family and friends.

More Info: scriptreaderpro.com

Couple celebratingWe’ll Take Fun for $500

If you’ve ever wondered if you have what it takes to be on Jeopardy, this one’s for you! This free website allows you to play the popular gameshow on your own computer or tablet. Share your best scores on social media, and challenge your friends to see who can answer the most questions correctly.

More Info: jeopardy.com

SucculentsMake Plant Babies

Houseplants help freshen any room, making now the perfect time to multiply your home garden. Grow your existing collection of plants without having to leave your home with this quick guide to propagating your houseplants.

More Info: gardenista.com

Dog washWash the Dog

Even Fido is getting cabin fever and might be in need of a refresh. Instead of traveling to the groomer, wash your pet safely at home (without giving yourself a bath in the process!) with these expert tips.

More Info: vetstreet.com

Chop at homeTake the Chopped Challenge

Make the most of these few weeks with limited grocery trips by turning your kitchen into your own version of Food Network’s hit show Chopped. Can of beans? Box of Corn Flakes? Jar of pickles? Challenge yourself to create an original meal with ingredients you already have in your home, and find a friend with similar items to have a remote cook-off!

More Info: thedailymeal.com

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