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Why List With Dream Town?

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93% of home buyers start their search online
So why are real estate brokers still spending most of their time and money doing all the things they did before there was an “online” to search? Why not put that time and money to work where the buyers are looking? And that’s how Dream Town began. One little idea. With one great big result.

“Our research shows that buyers use 3 real estate search websites on average. We estimate that 2/3 of these online users end up in our databases. We can then pair the right prospects, their wants and housing needs with your listing—a claim, we believe, no one else can match.”

- Yuval Degani, Founder of Dream Town

Chicago’s #1 Real Estate Website

Over 500,000 registered users

The best place to sell a Chicago home online began as the best place to buy a Chicago home online. In 1998, was established as a database of home listings; by 2005 it had become the most powerful real estate search engine in Chicago, serving over half a million registered users. The comprehensive information we gather from buyers on their housing needs and desires helps us execute accurate and finely tuned search results that match real prospects with their ideal properties. When you list with us, thousands of qualified buyers see your home daily. We call it database marketing—you’ll call it genius.

A Different Way to Sell Online

Our command of software technology and nuances of usage have put us far ahead of traditional real estate companies in the “know how” of looking for buyers. Our search engine is so powerful, that it also drives the search functions for over 20 of Chicago’s most popular real estate sites. As a result, we can capture prospective buyers from all of these separate websites into our own database.

Buyers see your home first

Our listings dominate all other organic listings at the top of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing—driving buyers to the home page. And once there, your listing gets prime placement “above the fold.”

Nobody sells Chicago homes as quickly and profitably for you—and with the level of personal attention as Dream Town. It’s as simple as that.

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Our team includes realtors with great experience and expertise in individual Chicago neighborhoods, types of properties, and the many nuances of making a purchase. Let us help match you with your perfect partner—fill out the form below or chat with us online to connect with a broker today!

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At Dream Town®, the tools of tomorrow give you the edge today.

Of course, Dream Town® isn’t alone in shifting the focus of real estate marketing to the web. Every agent you talk to is eager to tell you about what they’re doing online. As well they should. Because every company, big and small, is doing their best to keep up. It’s just that their best isn’t as good as ours. Consider these benefits that only Dream Town® can provide:

Front page presence on Chicago’s most powerful search engine.
As soon as you list, your home enters the front page featured property rotation on, which receives over 5,000 unique visitors daily.

Automatic listing featured on dozens of other top real estate sites.
Thanks to strategic partnerships no other company can match that.

Best search results on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Dream Town®’s first page ad position, combined with our unique command of search engine technology, greatly increases the odds that the right buyer will find your listing…and find it first.

The only true database that matches buyers to your home.
Our database is founded on over 500,000 prospects who have opted-in by providing us specifics of home they want. We then send your home listing to the thousands of people, who qualify as real prospects for your home.

That’s just a sampling of the cutting edge tools Dream Town® uses to give to you a big edge up on the rest of the market. And while other brokerages struggle to catch up, we’re investing money and manpower into new solutions that will keep us ahead of the field.

A different breed of real estate professionals

As much as Dream Town is transforming the tools and technology of real estate, it is on the human side where the change has been most dramatic – and welcome. Our consultants – play a role that is as demanding as it is critical. As the public face of Dream Town, they must have a thorough command of the sophisticated web-based tools and processes that make our company unique, in addition to being exceptionally skilled in traditional real estate services, from market familiarity to negotiation.

More challenging, perhaps, is learning to function within Dream Town’s truly cooperative team environment, which is the antithesis of the agent vs. agent competition that characterizes the real estate industry. We believe that the best way to serve our clients is by having everyone work together.

For those who can handle it, the challenge is well worth the effort. Every year, Dream Town consultants lead the market in the average number of homes sold per agent. They are always leaders in shorter average time on the market per listing, and higher ratios of listing-to-sale price.

And what’s in it for you as a client? The answers are obvious. The personal service of an exceptionally capable real estate expert who’s available 24/7 via phone, text, and email. Working on a team of equals where every member works every listing. Where everyone listens to the client’s needs. And a company whose technical capabilities exceed those of the nation’s biggest firms—and that not only promises faster, more profitable sales for you, but can back it up with hard numbers.

Now that’s service. That’s Dream Town.

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