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CAN'T WAIT! - Download a PDF of the Chicago Neighborhoods Map

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Explore the city from the comfort of your living room! This colorful map shows you every one of the city’s exciting neighborhoods — and we’ll send you one absolutely free.

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The Most Comprehensive Chicago Neighborhood Map

Chicago's many unique neighborhoods form a quilt of cultural diversity, residential variety and boundless community energy. Use the interactive map below to learn more about the individual neighborhoods that make Chicago an incomparable place to live!

To simplify the neighborhood search, we break the city into five zones: North West, North/Central, Near South, South West and South East. For more about Chicago, explore the city with our interative map.

View The Full List of Neighborhoods In Chicago

Chicago homes include an amazing array of properties--from vintage single-family homes to luxury condos.

Finding The Right Property In Chicago


Whether you live in the city full time or just part of the year, the right condo makes all the difference. From the neighborhood to the amenities, there are so many choices for your new residence in Chicago that it's necessary to use the right tools for your condo search.