A small section of downtown Chicago that combines urban with residential; couture with cuisine; and Chicagoans with the occasional spotted celebrity; the Near North neighborhood features many of the city's most notable shops, restaurants and residents. The culinary backdrop in the Near North is anchored by a blend of trendy, new hotspots and treasured mainstays. Whether you crave a good ole' burger, or would rather a nice, juicy porterhouse, the restaurants around here are sure to suffice. The Near North is also quite the site for a mini shopping spree, especially for the literary types as there are a disproportionately large number of bookstores in the area. Fashionistas will find their fill of en vogue styles, too, but the real draw to the Near North is its fun nightlife. Many of the neighborhood restaurants double as late-night bars and dance clubs. Once the midnight hour approaches, Near North hangouts heat up.

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