Navigating Real Estate’s New Landscape

Over the last few months, the real estate industry has adapted to meet the needs of the market as the coronavirus pandemic caused cities across the country to shut down. As states reopen, many homebuyers and sellers are left wondering how they’ll navigate the market.

Real estate professionals have relied heavily on technology as they’ve continued to conduct business during the shutdowns, and buyers and sellers can expect these practices to continue as we move forward. Utilizing virtual tools—like virtual open houses, Zoom meetings, and even electronic closings—has increased the efficiency of the buying and selling process, something that clients are thrilled with.

As of May 29th, in-person open houses are once again permitted, and buyers and sellers can expect them to operate similarly to before, with some key changes:

Limited guests
The listing broker will incorporate an appointment policy into open house procedures, to limit the number of buyers touring at the same time.

Brokers and their clients want to maintain the safety and health of all parties, so you can expect some extended transition time between showings while commonly visited areas are sanitized.

Open doors
Sellers should consider opening doors (including closets and cabinets), turning on lights, and opening window treatments in advance to keep buyers from having to touch these items.

Protective equipment
Many brokers are providing gloves and booties, as well as requiring face masks, for all inside the home—even if social distancing measures are maintained.

Broker assistance
When touring a potential home, buyers should request the listing broker’s help should they need to open a door or inspect something that is out of reach.

While open houses are back, many brokers are encouraging their clients to continue to take advantage of the latest technology and attend virtual showings, saving only their top home picks for in-person visits. This not only saves the buyer time, it also streamlines the process and promotes a safe home buying experience.

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