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Supermodel Sells Home with ‘Revenge Clause’ for Ex-Husband

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Christie Brinkley Wikimedia CommonsGetting $1.1 million dollars more than the listing price isn’t the only thing one supermodel and actress is happy about these days. Famed American model and actress Christie Brinkley who has graced more than 500 magazine covers recently made the news for her luxury home sale.

The point home sold is a gorgeous, historic bayfront home in North Raven, New York that was built in 1804. The charming cottage-esque house sits on 2.6 acres of landing including its own private sandy beach. The picturesque home is only minutes from downtown Sag Harbor, the city incorporating both towns of East Hamptons and South Hampton.

Yet, the reason the sale wasn’t quite typical wasn’t because of the money she pulled in far above the listing price or over the celebrity home status, but the sale baked in a gossip-worthy exclusivity clause.

The clause was a direct attack at ex-husband Peter Cook whom Brinkley was wrapped up in a nasty divorce with after a scandalous affair surfaced, fracturing their ten year marriage.

Peter is a successful architect who builds luxury homes and caters to the Hampton elite, including constructing homes for heiress Anne Hearst and entertainment lawyer Alan Grubman.

Yet, Peter will not be working for banker Stuart Hersch and wife Marni. It’s certain as the clause in the home closing stated that the new homeowners are never to hire Cook and he is not to work on the property in any capacity, according to an article published by Business Insider.

Also, the Hersches are prohibited from selling the New Haven home to Cook in the finalized clause created by Brinkley.