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Home Gadgets You Shouldn’t Live Without

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Mark Miles
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Enhance the experience of every room in your house with some of these inventions you might not have realized you always needed.


(A) In-Home Dry Cleaning. Instead of scheduling regular drop-off and pick-up visits to your local cleaner, refresh your wardrobe from the comfort of your home with this state-of-the-art LG appliance. Thee perfect investment for the sharp dresser! ($1,800,

(B) Smart Mat Alarm Clock. Fight the urge to oversleep with this pressure-sensitive alarm that requires you to get out of bed and stand on it for a few seconds before it turns off. ($50,


(C) Temperature-Reading Spout Cover. If you enjoy taking baths, and especially if you have small children, you’ll appreciate this useful spout cover that tells you the temperature of the water coming through the spout. ($30,

(D) Odor-Neutralizing Toilet Seat. Make sure you and your guests always enjoy pleasant air with this ingenious Kohler add-on, which uses a carbon filter to eliminate odor as well as a replaceable, integrated scent cartridge. ($70,


(E) Furbo. For the pet owner who can’t spend all day at home with their furry friend, this nifty little tool lets you talk to your pet, keep an eye on their behavior, and even toss them a treat when they’re being good! ($174,

(F) U-Socket. High-tech devices have become prevalent in our homes, which means keeping them charged and managing the clutter of cords can be a nuisance. The U-Socket adds USB ports, allowing you to charge up to four devices in the same place, while also saving money and energy due to its effcient design. ($25,


(G) 5-Blade Spiralizer. Who says vegetables aren’t fun? Turn your vegetables into masterpieces with this versatile cutting tool. Make everything from veggie ribbons and angel hair to lasagna and curly fries. ($22,

(H) Temperature Tongs. Become a barbecue master with this handy hybrid tool, which allows you to check the temperature of your steaks while you’re turning them over. ($34,